Our "The Baked on Red Hill" story...

We've loved every minute of our journey


Our head baker Jeremy left New Zealand in search of adventure back in the late 90’s, and found plenty of it here in Australia. Many moons ago as a university student in the foody town of Wellington NZ whilst many of his colleagues were out sampling the local brew, he was developing a taste for the finer things in life, such as big shiraz accompanied by cheese, pickles and of course fresh crusty handcrafted bread.

A love of artisan breads had already begun.

Throughout his 25 year career as a chef, first cooking in, then running some of the best restaurants in Australia he continued the search for amazing breads to accompany his food and his life. Through this search he began his own journey of creation, training under some of the best artisan bakers in Australia to learn the ‘art of bread’, expanding his culinary skills


Real sourdough bread is a traditional food, and has been around for almost as long as the human race. There is not one, but many naturally occurring friendly organisms involved in creating sourdough. The slow fermentation involved in sourdough production provides many of the same health benefits as probiotics and other fermented foods.

Each natural environment will have its own different range, and thus each sourdough mother culture will be different. The way in which the best flours are added and the hand moulding and multiple resting and proving processes all contribute to the unique qualities of our breads.

During this process, the starches are ‘pre-digested’ which not only breaks down the phytates (which bind minerals to wholegrains) allowing for better digestion, but also the body is able to assimilate them more slowly – leading to a stabilising effect on blood sugar levels

…and this is why most experts agree that a true sourdough is both easier to digest and provides better nutrition than other breads.


Jeremy is a qualified Chef, Pastry Chef and Baker.  He is also an accredited trainer and loves to give back to the chefs/patisseries and bakers of the future.

Before turning his hand to the art of sourdough he trained these ancient processes with many and varied Artisans across multicultural Sydney – and of course taste-tested everything of his family and colleagues.

After many years in high-end hatted restaurants in big-city Australia and New Zealand his love of bread was born.